The Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada (CSAAC) seeks applicants for its inaugural grant, to be given annually, in the amount $500 for students in post-secondary studies in the field of agriculture or plant sciences at a recognized Canadian institution. Through this grant, CSAAC looks to encourage students to pursue degrees related to agriculture, so as to promote the development of expertise in the agricultural sector.

Grant applicants are evaluated based on past performance at school, full-time enrolment in a Canadian university, extracurricular activities and an accompanying essay. The topic of the one- to two-page essay asks students why they feel they should receive this grant from CSAAC. Upon submission, a three-member panel representing CSAAC reviews the applications and selects the best candidate.

With 2015 being the first year for CSAAC’s $500 student grant, the association embarks on another new path, adding to its already rich history.

During CSAAC’s annual meeting in Saskatoon, Sask., which was held June 22-24, the 2015 grant winner was announced. We are pleased to honour Laurie Laliberté from Quebec with this grant.

Congratulations to Laurie Laliberté 

Laliberté is 20 years old and is in her last year of school at the Institut de Technologie Agricole de La Pocatiere (ITA) at Ste-Anne-de-la Pocatiere on the ITA campus.  She plans to continue her education in agriculture by attending university this fall.

She grew up on her family’s dairy farm, which also grows forages and cereals, and has been involved on the farm since she was a young child. Through her work in school, Laliberté has become quite involved in the interpretation of quality analysis of grains.

She has performed very well at school and has been active in the community. In addition, Laliberté has worked on a number of farms in many areas to accumulate more experience and broaden her scope of knowledge in the agricultural industry. In the summer of 2016, Laliberté will be working on a farm in the Netherlands to further expand her agricultural experience.

For the next five years, Laliberté will continue her studies at university, and upon graduation, she plans to work as an agronomist.

After a career in agronomy, she hopes to one day return to the family farm and contribute her skills and expertise to ensure its success in a sustainable future. At that time, her father will turn more of the family farm responsibilities over to her, and ultimately, Laliberté will eventually be responsible for the family farm.

Laliberté is a well-deserved, successful candidate, and CSAAC wishes her much luck in her future endeavours. We at CSAAC are excited to know that through the grant, we will have played a small part in her success.

Nominations Welcome

CSAAC welcomes applications for the 2016 annual grant of $500. All applications will be considered, and applications must be submitted to the CSAAC office by May 15, 2016. Individuals interested in applying for the grant can find the application form and more information on the CSAAC’s website, www.seedanalysts.ca, under “Student Grants.”

The CSAAC grant is open to all Canadians across Canada. Bilingual forms and information are available for candidates to apply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the CSAAC office at 204-763-4610 or by email at csaacexecutivedirector@gmail.com.

Founded in 1944, CSAAC is a group of more than 100 members across Canada and the United States who are dedicated to excellence in the seed testing industry.

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