In my last column, I talked about why it’s crucial to build a company that has a great reputation where people want to work. We cultivate a  culture that encourages its employees to be passionate and driven about what they do. With this engagement our  employees know our best asset and they put that asset first — our customers. Over time, I’ve learned the importance of developing a specific company culture that ensures we always listen intently to our clients’ needs and wants.

This is important in seed testing, but also is every other area of the business world. Thankfully, there’s a few key ways you can go about doing this — things I’ve picked up from the seed testing world that apply everywhere else.

  1. Put your people under a microscope — including yourself. If your company’s ways of doing things aren’t giving you the results you’d like, the first place to look is a mirror. I guarantee you that you’re not doing all you can to ensure your business is operating the way it should be. What can you do better? A good place to start is with management — do you have the right leadership qualities that help front-line people succeed? Once you’ve done that, look to the people in your employ and ask them for their input. Are you hiring the right people who are a good fit for your company? Do your existing employees have a full understanding of what everyone can improve on to better the culture of your business?
  2. Be an example and recognize the people who exemplify your culture. Once you’ve investigated the “people factor” from the top-down in your company, ensure that you demonstrate on a daily basis that you yourself are practicing what you preach. Then, begin to recognize the people who do the same, either with a pat on the back or some other way of showing you appreciate their approach to living out the culture you want in your business.
  3. Hire others based on your culture vision. You might find that once you begin to transform your culture for the better, some employees might inevitably leave. For whatever reason, either due to turnover or company growth, the day will come when you have to hire a new staff member. During the interview process, you must clearly lay out what your company culture is and how it functions, and specially what the expectations are. Use this as a way of selecting new employees. This ensures you continue to build the kind of culture you want — one that creates a positive atmosphere that works for the benefit of employees and customers alike.

Having a good culture is crucial. Thankfully, it’s in your grasp to do so, and begin doing so right now. You want to attract the best talent and be deserving of their time by being the greatest place to contribute to a fast-paced industry.

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