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5 Factors to Turf Growers Winning on the Field and at the Farm


The turf and forage sector is one that all eyes are constantly on — literally.

In my 31 years in the turf and forage sector, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing our seed growers’ successes on Super Bowl fields and World Cup pitches. It’s been so exciting for me to attend major sporting events and see firsthand the turfgrass that a customer of ours has grown from DLF seed.

That our seed is trusted in heavy-use, high performance, highly visible installations is a testament to the strength of our partnerships and the dedication of growers producing quality seed. Whether I’m seeing our seed in use at an NFL game or on lawns near and far, I’m reminded of the rewarding nature of our work and the bright future ahead as we at DLF continue to drive turf and forage forward.

My job sounds simple: I connect with professional seed growers to produce the cultivars developed by our research and development team, enabling us to distribute high-quality seed globally. Behind the scenes, though, it’s also about knowing the challenges growers face and coming up with solutions.

From my experience, the following factors are driving turf growers these days. It’s these factors we concentrate on to help ensure their success:

  • Need for collaborative innovation: Collaboration with growers is the cornerstone of product improvement at DLF. We actively seek feedback and work closely with our growers to refine and innovate our offerings, ensuring new products align with market requirements.
  • Priority on yield: DLF knows that growers and the larger marketplace expect yield performance. We deliver: our varieties are designed to perform exceptionally well, ensuring they meet and exceed market expectations.
  • Adapting to challenges: Given the challenges posed by climate change, factors like disease resistance and drought tolerance are becoming increasingly crucial. DLF actively uses grower feedback to adapt its products to meet these evolving needs.
  • Managing cash flow timing: An emerging need we anticipate is the need for closer ties to the market and improved cash flow management. DLF’s financial strength allows us to synchronize growers’ production timing with market demand, ensuring they receive prompt compensation.
  • Facilitating open-market growth: DLF actively participates in open-market seed production areas, empowering growers to produce non-proprietary varieties with confidence. Our involvement guarantees that they can sell their products when it best suits their business, maximizing their returns.

DLF’s strength lies in its global reach and resources. We have a worldwide research and development group that gathers traits and information from diverse regions, allowing us to develop products that not only meet market demands, but also help growers produce them efficiently and profitably.

Dan Walters
Dan Walters
Dan brings a wealth of talent and knowledge to his role at DLF, having been with the company for 31 years. His journey began in 1992 at International Seeds, one of the pioneering seed companies in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Over the years, his business card has displayed various company names and titles, but his commitment to seed production has remained unwavering. Dan has worked closely with field reps, growers, and subcontractors across the Pacific Northwest, Minnesota, and Canada. He resides in Salem with his wife Julie and has two grown sons.