As part of its ongoing mission to provide farmers with the latest information about the seed they plant, the Alberta Seed Guide launches its brand new website at

In addition to a refreshed look, is now designed for easier viewing when farmers are on the go. That means they can access the Alberta Seed Guide’s articles and search tools from a tablet or smartphone for mobile-friendly viewing.

Visitors to the site will see that its menu has changed – directing them to helpful tools and information for the farm. Use the Find Seed section to locate seed growers and access the Seed For Sale database that can help in locating specific pedigreed seed varieties and the seed growers offering them.

The Clean Seed section of the site can help in finding members of the Alberta Seed Processors who offer seed cleaning, seed treating and many other useful services. Additionally, the new has improved digital access to Regional Variety Trial results.

Visitors can also sign up to receive a digital version of the Alberta Seed Guide for free, delivered straight to their inbox. The site is regularly updated with news items and other information that Alberta farmers will find useful, informative and engaging.


Produced in partnership by the Alberta Seed Growers Association (ASGA) and the Alberta Seed Processors (ASP), the Alberta Seed Guide strives to go beyond variety information offering in-depth articles on the issues driving change in the industry, seed and whole-farm best management practices, and new seed-related products.

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