Retail RoundtableAn SVUA Pilot Program Update

An SVUA Pilot Program Update


The Canadian Plant Technology Agency (CPTA) has launched a pilot program to test how the Seed Variety Use Agreement (SVUA) will work in the real world. We speak to those in the know about the program and what we’ve learned so far.

You will learn:

  • What the pilot program is
  • What varieties are included
  • What’s been accomplished so far by the SVUA Producer Working Group
  • What the future holds for value creation in Canada


  • Lauren Martin, government & industry relations manager, Canadian Seed Trade Association
  • Lorne Hadley, executive director, Canadian Plant Technology Agency
  • Kevin Runnalls, former president, Canadian Seed Growers’ Association
  • Todd Hyra, Western Business Manager, SeCan

We had so many questions for our speakers that we sent the extra ones to them for answers! Click here to view them.