On May 27, the America Seed Trade Association (ASTA) submitted comments to the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) expressing strong concerns about the agency’s intention to cancel the registration for Thiram for use as a seed treatment. PMRA is currently reviewing the registration for a number of important fungicides used as seed treatments including Thiram, Captan, and Iprodione.

Thiram is widely used as a seed treatment on vegetable seed that is treated in the U.S. and then exported to Canada. U.S. sales of vegetable seeds to Canada are valued at approximately $40 million annually. Thiram is the preferred choice as a seed treatment for vegetable seed exporters and Canadian growers because of its broad functionality, low cost, and the extensive list of countries where it is registered, according to ASTA.

ASTA asked that PMRA revisit its decision based on new risk data and low potential exposure resulting from the use of thiram as a seed treatment.

ASTA’s comments can be found here: http://www.betterseed.org/wp-content/uploads/American-Seed-Trade-Association-Comments-PRVD2016-07.pdf

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