Science & Technology BASF Launches Virtual Field Tour Platform

BASF Launches Virtual Field Tour Platform


BASF Agricultural Solutions has launched InField Innovation Tours in Canada; a new, interactive tour experience enabling growers to virtually visit trial sites across the country, learn about new, innovative solutions for 2021 and see how products are performing.

“With COVID-19 creating significant challenges for all Canadians, our initial focus this spring was ensuring the seed and crop protection products our customers rely on continued to be delivered in a safe and timely manner,” said Justin Gayliard, Senior Manager, Customer Solutions, BASF Agricultural Solutions Canada.

“Then, our focus quickly turned towards identifying a way to meaningfully connect with our customers and provide them a way to not only explore products that will help overcome agronomic challenges, but receive the advice and technical expertise they have come to rely on each season from our BASF team.”

BASF runs hundreds of performance trial sites across Canada each year. Through the new virtual platform, accessible at, visitors can tour five BASF research farms as well as search performance results at a more localized level via an interactive map. Navigable by crop or solution, users will be able to:

  • Explore various field trials, including two of the new 300 series InVigor hybrids,
  • View solutions available to help solve in-season weed, disease, and insect pressures including a new seed treatment targeted at wireworm control,
  • Check out a new canola pre-seed herbicide targeting kochia and volunteer canola,
  • Take a 360-degree look at the difference between treated and untreated crops,
  • Explore research and trial performance information behind each BASF product,
  • See the final yield results at the end of the season post-harvest.

With content added throughout the season, this online tour expands on the snapshot-in-time vantage point of an in-person tour, enabling visitors to see how products perform over time in season and at any point throughout the year, the company said.

InField Innovation Tours will be integrated into BASF’s annual program, providing a way for customers from across the country to step into multiple BASF trial sites – and as close to new innovations – as possible.