INSIDERS Content Marketing Can Digital Connection Ever Truly Replace the Human Touch?

Can Digital Connection Ever Truly Replace the Human Touch?


Shawn Brook
Shawn Brook
President, Issues Ink - Shawn oversees the strategic direction of this Winnipeg-based ag media and marketing company. With over 25 employees based in the United States, Canada and Europe, Issues Ink is a top-tier marketing partner for the global seed industry. Shawn became president in March 2006, previously serving as vice president and general manager. He serves on a number of industry association committees and on a personal level is highly involved in volunteering his time in his community.

I think most of us innately know that an email, tweet, post or text does not replace connecting with the important people in our life, but boy do we ever love the idea of the digital world and all it supposedly promises.

We push the digital and push the digital and push the digital because it fits so nicely into our schedules — there is no extra time wasted talking about the mundane details of our lives or what is important to us as humans. But when we fill our lives with digital connections, we run the risk of truly breaking important personal connections.

Let’s be clear — digital sharing does not generate connection the same way a face-to-face interaction does. The beauty of the human spirit and the desire for the human heart to truly connect is something we all experience, even if we don’t really want to admit it.

Your personal relationships need more than texts, tweets and emails to be sustained. Your children need to see your face, hear your voice and understand what you are thinking. Your significant other needs to hear that you love them and that you are thinking about them. And, both your customers and your potential customers need to see the white of your eyes to know that you are coming up with solutions that will help them be successful.

None of this can always come across in an email. I attend a lot of seed industry events around the world and it shows heavily on my expense report that I do so, but I can unequivocally say that my business would simply not be what it is today if I was not present at these events. I see a considerable spike in my business when I’m attending these events and I see a corresponding drop when I am not.

I would love to tell you that there is some secret to making connections with people, but it is mostly about putting in the effort — show up, make the connection and be happy about it. Then let your wisdom, great product offering or brand-new idea shine for all to see.