DL Seeds, the SVUA and the Future of Forage Field Pea Breeding

Marc Zienkiewicz chats with DL Seeds general manager Kevin McCallum about the company’s two new forage field pea varieties that have become a part of the Seed Variety Use Agreement Pilot Program. Kevin talks about the future of the company’s forage field pea breeding and why the SVUA is so significant.

Pitura Seeds is Holding its Own Version of the 2020 Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, may have been postponed until next year, but Tom Greaves and staff at Manitoba's Pitura Seeds have decided to hold their own version over the next several weeks as a way to raise money for charity and boost morale.

Doing Business in a New World: A Retail Roundtable Webinar

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the world. This webinar will offer you some lessons learned and strategies to help you and your...

Darrell Bricker Says the Problem With Robots is They Don’t Buy Things

Marc Zienkiewicz interviews Ipsos CEO public affairs Darrell Bricker about his prediction that the world population is poised to decline, and how the COVID-19 pandemic might affect the business of agriculture in light of population trends.

ASTA’s Andy LaVigne and Yan Branco of Sobeys on Consumers and the Marketplace

In this week's episode of the Germination Podcast, Marc Zienkiewicz goes into his archives and unearths two interviews he did back in February at the American Seed Trade Association's Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference in Monterey, Calif., just prior to the pandemic. His interview subjects? ASTA president Andy LaVigne and Yan Branco, VP of produce merchandising at Sobey's here in Canada.

Lorne Hadley on Unscrupulous Buyers and Why the Future Will be a Bit Different

The executive director of the Canadian Plant Technology Agency joins host Marc Zienkiewicz to talk about a seed-buying scheme going on right now and how CPTA members are dealing with the pandemic.

Explaining the Surge in Garden Seed Demand and an Ontario Seed Growers Check-In

Marc Zienkiewicz gives you the latest news highlights to help you keep informed on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the seed industry. Episode 5 features interviews with Renee Shepherd of Renee's Garden and Colleen Acres of the Ontario Seed Growers Association (OSGA). We talk about why there's a huge demand for garden seed right now and how Ontario's seed growers are coping.

A Germination Webinar: Building a Better Regulatory System

The Canadian seed industry is gearing up for regulatory modernization. The Seed Regulation Modernization Working Group (SRMWG) will work with the federal government to modernize the seed regulations for the 21st century. This webinar will serve as a kickoff to a series of webinars designed to keep you informed on what regulatory modernization entails and how we can use it to make our industry better for everyone.