Big Things are Happening in Hemp

The first high-CBD variety of hemp designed for grain production in Canada has been unveiled. New West Genetics and Tritium 3H (T3H) have signed...

Ellen Sparry is Very Likely the Last CSTA President

Marc Zienkiewicz chats with newly-appointed Canadian Seed Trade Association president Ellen Sparry on very likely being the last CSTA president and what the future...

Jonathan Nyborg Thinks You Should Hear the Words of Robert Frost

At the July 7 virtual meeting of the Canadian Seed Growers' Association, outgoing president Jonathan Nyborg alluded to the Robert Frost poem "The Road...

An SVUA Pilot Program Update

The Canadian Plant Technology Agency (CPTA) has launched a pilot program to test how the Seed Variety Use Agreement (SVUA) will work in the real world. We speak to those in the know about the program and what we’ve learned so far.

How Rale Gjuric is Reviving an Old Crop

Haplotech founder Rale Gjuric talks to Marc Zienkiewicz about the groundbreaking work the company is doing in hemp, which will help advance breeding programs and help usher in a new era for the long-neglected crop.

Why Gil Ronen Picked Canada as a Place to Innovate

Dr. Gil Ronen, CEO and co-founder of the Israel-based NRGene, talks to Marc Zienkiewicz about why the genomics AI company is choosing Saskatchewan for its Canadian head office as announced last week.

How a Canadian Company is Creating a Vaccine Using Plants

https://youtu.be/4jXW78_8ZpwMarc Zienkiewicz chats with Nathalie Charland, senior director of scientific and medical affairs for the Quebec-based Medicago, about the company's new COVID-19 vaccine candidate...

DL Seeds, the SVUA and the Future of Forage Field Pea Breeding

Marc Zienkiewicz chats with DL Seeds general manager Kevin McCallum about the company’s two new forage field pea varieties that have become a part of the Seed Variety Use Agreement Pilot Program. Kevin talks about the future of the company’s forage field pea breeding and why the SVUA is so significant.