The name of the game when it comes to winning in the business world is being able to motivate and empower employees to work toward a common goal. Motivation is not my area of expertise, but empowering people with the right tools and information is one of the reasons I love what I do.

The way I see it, an employee can be asked to perform certain functions but may not have all the information to perform at the best of his or her ability. It’s kind of like steering blind if you don’t have access to the information that directly impacts your job but are asked to make decisions. The flip side is having too much access – does the user waste time hunting pertinent data and navigating through a lot of system screens to get to the data they need to do their job?

That’s where controllable security comes in and the ability to set up role-based user profiles. This allows employees within certain parts of the business to access information that can help them make better business decisions without senior level management having to be concerned about the integrity of the data. In addition, controllable security eliminates the “noise” a user might experience using a system and improves their efficiency.

For example, a regional seed company selling seed across multiple states, or even in multiple countries, lets their sales representatives view grower information for forecasting and goal purposes. These same sales representatives could also view the inventory database. Plus, they input orders, which updates automatically across the entire system. So a sales representative in a different state, or even country, knows what varieties are plentiful or if there might be a problem filling an order. However, upper management doesn’t want the sales force to see the actual inventory costs and can, therefore, set up permissions to restrict access.

Being able to empower employees, while maintaining the integrity of the data and keeping proprietary information confidential gives piece of mind to senior management. And, piece of mind is everything; there’s enough other stuff to worry about.

Every company is a little different. Some companies want their dealers to see when orders are placed and where product is in the pipeline. Has it been shipped? Has it been delivered? Just as each company has a different setup and a different way of doing business, role-based user profiles can be tailored to meet those unique needs.

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