With the common goals of recognizing achievement and innovation in plant breeding and shining a spotlight on the contributions made by plant breeders in Canada, the Canadian Plant Breeding and Genetics Award and the Seed of the Year program have come together to form the Canadian Plant Breeding Innovation (CPBI) awards program.

The CPBI awards are an opportunity to recognize plant breeders at various stages in their careers. The collective new package of awards will be announced at the Canadian Seed Trade Association semi-annual meeting.

It is broken down into the following components:

  • CPBI Innovation Scholarships (formerly Seed of the Year scholarship) — Recognizing up-and-coming young plant breeders
  • Seed of the Year — Honouring the accomplishments of one seed breeder and their chosen variety, with the intention of bolstering knowledge of the importance of breeding programs in Canada
  • Canadian Plant Breeding and Genetics Award — Presented annually to a public or private sector researcher who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of Canadian plant agriculture through research in plant breeding and genetics

Deadline for applications/nomination is Oct. 31, 2019. Click below for details on each component.

Seed of the Year

CPBI Scholarships

Canadian Plant Breeding and Genetics Award

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