Apply for CSAAC’s Annual $500 Post-Secondary Student Grant

The Seal and Insignia of the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada has been in use for more than 70 years and continues to be recognized in the seed industry as the sign of integrity, professionalism and quality seed testing. CSAAC members proudly use the seal on their reports of analysis.

Each member receives its own unique seal number, which verifies the member’s designation and qualifications. CSAAC is the only body that promotes the education and expertise of accredited seed analysts in Canada. We offer our members access to continuing education workshops across Canada, and provide a communication link between the Canadian seed industry and regulatory bodies.

CSAAC has an annual student grant available in the amount of $500 for post-secondary studies in the field of agriculture and plant sciences at a recognized Canadian institution. CSAAC wishes to provide an incentive to encourage students to pursue degrees related to agriculture so as to promote the development of sufficient expertise in the agricultural sector for the future.


Students are encourage to apply for a $500 education grant by May 15.

Applications for grant will be accepted throughout the year; however, the deadline is May 15 for the following fall term. No exceptions are allowed. If no applications are received by that time, the award will not be given for the year. A student is only eligible to receive the award once.

To be eligible, the student must be enrolled full-time at a Canadian university or college. Proof of enrollment from their university or college must accompany the application. The student must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. A copy of the student’s most recent transcript must accompany the application. Academic achievement is not a decision-making criteria; however, the student must prove they have the ability to handle the studies they have undertaken. The student can be in any year of study.

Selection criteria will be based on full-time enrollment, extracurricular activities and an accompanying essay.  The essay should be one to two pages. Applicants are encouraged to write about why the student feels that  he or she should receive this grant from CSAAC.

The student’s past and current involvement in the agriculture industry, including the family farm and/or seed testing, is a benefit to the nominee for a successful application.

Application and further instructions along with French translations are available online at the CSAAC website, www.seedanalysts.ca. If you require further assistance or need more information on services provided by our CSAAC members and how to locate them in your area, or for information on membership and joining our association, contact us at: Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada Inc. (CSAAC), Box 208, 301 Rothesay Street  Douglas, Manitoba R0K 0R0 Canada. We can also be reached by email at csaacexecutivedirector@gmail.com.

Visit our website at www.seedanalysts.ca.

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