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Do You Know the Importance of Professional Identity? Here’s Why You Should


According to psychologists, professional identity is defined as the attitudes, values, knowledge, beliefs and skills shared with others within a professional group. It serves an important role in mental health and the success of an organization.

Being a part of the DLF team for the past 18 months has made me realize that how we view our job and the organization we work with is an important part of who we are. Our professional identity plays a crucial role in mental health and professional success.

At DLF North America, the issue of professional/work identity is an important one; DLF is a company that is really focused on its people, especially right now that we have gone through a global rebranding.

Here’s why and how DLF is using its recent rebranding as an opportunity to help its employees cultivate healthy identities at work and in life.

We let everyone progress at their own pace. We respect how people arrived here and we’re bringing them on the DLF journey together, never forgetting that they may have spent 30 years working with a company that recently became part of DLF. That takes some adjustment, and it’s a process we actively work through by…

Laying out a roadmap to help set us up for success. Half the leadership team at DLF North America is new within the past couple of years. That means a huge percentage of our workforce is actively developing a new identity within DLF as a company. There exist some important questions that help guide on our journey to seeing ourselves as ambassadors of the DLF brand. Common questions our North American team is faced with include:

  • What defines DLF North America when compared to other parts of DLF’s global operations?
  • What are our pathways to market?
  • What values served us well in our legacy companies that can help make DLF an even better company?

We constantly remind ourselves that nobody knows everything; we all have something to contribute. Eighteen months ago, I didn’t know how a grass seed was developed. I’ve learned a lot in a short time, and constant learning is something we all have in common at DLF North America. As the pace of change increases, we all have more to learn, and a learning mindset will only help us thrive as we move into the future.

Lindsay Watt
Lindsay Watt
Lindsay Watt is new to the agriculture industry, and her love of recruiting talented employees led her to begin her career in turf and forage seed in 2021. She’s been in HR for two decades working with global companies, with a focus on transforming businesses and the people they employ.