Dow AgroSciences launches a new seed brand in the Canadian marketplace — Dow Seeds. Dow Seeds will include the best of both Hyland Seeds and Mycogen Seeds, a deeper portfolio and renewed focus on customer success.

“To ensure all our customers have access to our best genetics in this period of rapid advancement in traits and technology, we are introducing one new seed brand combining all the resources of Dow AgroSciences into a single, focused effort,” says Brad Orr, president, Dow AgroSciences Canada.

Dow AgroSciences is looking forward to building the Dow Seeds brand presence in Canada. The company has been bringing technology to Canadian growers for years, including Herculex, SmartStax, Refuge Advanced and market-leading BMR silage-specific corn hybrids. Its investment in innovation is set to continue with the introduction of the Enlist Weed Control System in corn and soybeans, PowerCore above-ground insect control for corn and a 14,000 square foot expansion of the Ontario research facility in St Marys, Ontario.

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