b'Unfortunately, the only thing mostCanola Council congratulated the Canadians know about that plan isGovernment of Canada and Canadian that its a plan and its five years. diplomats for resolving a major issue impacting Canada-China relations Playing Politics and hope it leads to an environment That plan was released by the Chineseto resolve the outstanding canola government in September of 2021,trade issue, says Canola Council and identifies resource protection,President Jim Everson.pollution control, restoration of agri- Im cautiously hopeful. Anything cultural ecology, and the developmentthat de-escalates political tension of a low-carbon agricultural industrialbetween the two countries and cre-chain as key goals to be achievedates an environment where more between the years 2021-2025. engagement can take place on issues As part of the plan, China wisheslike the canola ban is helpful in find-to develop high-quality crop varie- ing a solution on trade, says Everson.ties, while creating up to 1,800 newMore engagement is a good agricultural product brands whichthing. We need more opportunities put an emphasis on green produc- to engage with China on a range of tion standards, according to a USDAissues. Our goal is to have a predict-Foreign Service English summary ofable trade environment with China, the document. where all Canadians are treated Dade says countries like Canadaequally.can help them do it, despite political Carlo Dade follows Canada-China trade for thetensions that many believe are result- Pressure from Down SouthCanada West Foundation.ing in the continued ban by China onDade says there will be pressure from Photo courtesy Canada West Foundation shipments of Canadian canola seed. some quarters not to engage with Even when they banned ourChina, especially from Washington.canola seed shipments, they pur- But we need to remember what chased our canola oil from thethe Americans did to us with the United Arab Emirates. So, our prod- renegotiation of the NAFTA agree-uct will find a way to go to Chinament. They slipped in a clause at one way or another, Dade says. the last minute that was designed to Since market access issues affect- scare us away from engaging China ing canola seed trade started inin negotiations for a trade agreement. early March 2019, the licenses of twoMeanwhile, what were the Americans companies, Richardson and Viterra,doing? They were negotiating their to export canola seed to Chinaown deal with China that gave remain suspended. Other exportersU.S. farmers a huge advantage over are seeing some purchases of canolaCanadian farmers in the market, he seed, with exports down betweensays.50% and 70% compared to pre-block- So, we have to watch the age levels, notes the Canola CouncilAmericans with this. If there are of Canada on its website. opportunities in the seed business, Seed exports to China have fallenand firms based primarily in the U.S. from $2.8 billion in 2018 before thecan get those opportunities, they will restrictions, to $800 million in 2019tell us not to take them while theyre and $1.4 billion in 2020, according toin Beijing negotiating for those the council. opportunities themselves.On Sept. 24, 2021, an agreementHe notes that its crucial for was reached which brought theCanada to set its own trade path. Not Syngenta CEO Erik Fyrwald was quoted byextradition case against Huawei Chiefdoing so will only help our competi-Fortune magazine noting that in gene editingFinancial Officer Meng Wanzhou totors, Dade says, adding that this is patents, China is not only a player in the fielda close and allowed Michael Kovrigneither a new idea nor a new path but has become a clear leader in this area.and Michael Spavor, who had beenfor Canada. Under difficult circum-Photo courtesy Syngenta Group detained in China for over 1,000stances at the height of the Cold days, to return to Canada. TheWar, Canadas Diefenbaker govern-16GERMINATION.CAJANUARY 2022'