b'policy. After the board of directors reviewed the feedback, CSGA adjusted the Group 1 and Group 2 acreage assess-ment fees and dropped the inflation piece, Miller said.A common question received during the consultation was why there are different acreage assessment fees for different crop kinds. Miller said acreage assessment feesTHE COST TO CERTIFY A FIELD OF HYBRID CORN are based on the costs to certify that crop, the necessaryOR CANOLA VERSUS A FIELD OF BARLEY IS infrastructure, and to a lesser extent, an ability to pay.The cost to certify a field of hybrid corn or canolaDRASTICALLY DIFFERENT.versus a field of barley is drastically different. Hybrid corn has up to four inspections, a standalone application pro- Doug Millercess, and more complex certification requirements. Barley has only one inspection. At the end of the day, all crop kinds are seeing fee increases from the fees approved by the membership in 2016, Miller said.For hybrid canola, the revised fees are $3.25 per acre (up from $2). For hybrid corn, the new fee is $3 per acreWHY CSGA HAS IMPLEMENTED A(up from $2). These fees reflect the cost it takes to certify these crops and the necessary infrastructure, Miller said. NEW FEE STRUCTUREFor hemp and soybeans, the new fee is $1.60 per acreIn developing the new fee schedule, CSGA considered (up from $1.30). Both of these crop kinds take more time and resources to certify, Miller added. several guiding principles, Executive Director Doug Miller For soybeans, we are looking at about 4,500 to 6,000said:fields being appraised within a three-to-four-week periodThe cost to certify the crop, which goes beyond just and with high levels of variants, which increases the timethe issuance of a crop certificate. it takes to appraise the crop.For forage grasses and legume crops, the new fee will The necessary infrastructure. Certain crop kinds be $1.17 per acre (up from $1.10). For plots, some minorrequire different infrastructure, which ranges from adjustments were approved. Select plot fees remain at $60standalone technology platforms, contra-season per plot. For Breeder plots, a fee of $80 per plot (up fromproduction frameworks, to more complex certification $60) was approved due to additional effort involved inrequirements.processing Form 43s.Increased cost of doing business. No changes were made to CSGAs current base fee of $240 for the first member on an account and $25 for each Business continuity in light of the pandemic.additional member. JANUARY 2022 GERMINATION.CA 23'