b'January 2022ContentsFEATURES04Seed Regulatory Modernization: Are we NotThinking Big Enough?08Mobile Hemp Decortication: Its a Thing Now10 Chinas in a Race for Better-Performing Seed14 China: Why are we so Conflicted About Tradingwith Them?18 Giant Views: Focus on the Future22 CSGA Members Approve New Fee Structure26 GMOs Have an Image Problem30 A Global Breeding Race is on. Genomic Data is Key to Winning 33 Moving Toward Sustainability: Corteva Ag Symposium HighlightsPERSPECTIVES34 CSGA40 Seeds Canada48 From our DeskDEPARTMENTS36 Retail Roundtable42 Cover Crop Corner44 Cross Pollination46 The Headlines THOSE RUNNING THE PRO-GMO DISCOURSE PREACH WHATS BECOME SPECIAL SECTIONS A SCIENTIFIC GOSPEL THAT SAYS 24 INSIDERS IF YOURE PRO-SCIENCE, THEN YOU MUST BE PRO-GMO, AND IF YOURE CRITICAL OF ANYTHING RELATED TO GMOS, THEN YOURE ANTI-GMO AND THEREFORE ANTI-SCIENCE.Kavin Senapathy / 26ON THE COVER As China ramps up its seed industry, a recent Ipsos poll finds that 82% of Canadians believe we should reduce our reliance on trade with China. Problem is, the reality of global trade means even if we run away from China, were still going to be running into them. What, then, are we to do? We talk to one expert who says we need to be prepared to manage our trade relationship with the Eastern giant. See page 14.JANUARY 2022GERMINATION.CA 1'