b'SEEDS CANADA / SEEDS-CANADA.CA / THE VUA CONTINUES TO EVOLVEDO YOU KNOW WHAT GOES INTO MAKINGAN INNOVATIVE VARIETY?I GREW UP in southern Ontario surrounded byutors of the varieties. Over 320 farmers and 159 cows and crops and I was also involved in 4-H.retailers have signed up and are using the VUA You can say agriculture extended itself into myplatform. We have 11 varieties enrolled in total, career because of the great people involved in itincluding two public varieties from the United and the camaraderie I felt with them.States. Ive gained valuable experience from across Canada with crop inputs, the cattle industry and the grain sector. In my time at Viterra I worked Mel Reekie,in truck logistics. I then managed the CanadianI THINK YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SEE IntellectualCharolais Association in Calgary, before moving Propertyto member relations with Grain Farmers ofVARIETIES FROM PUBLIC AND PRIVATE Manager, SeedsOntario.Canada Its exciting to be a part of an organizationINSTITUTIONS OUTSIDE OF CANADA USING like Seeds Canada that is establishing itself in the ag industry. I was very drawn to the fact itsTHE VUA. THEYRE USED TO SYSTEMS LIKE a national association representing people fromTHIS FOR FUNDING INNOVATION.across the country and making an impact. Seed is the vital first link for the entire value chain.In my career, Ive learned how important seed is to producers, even though they might not think about it all the time. Its an annual traditionThe baseline framework of the VUA platform to plant seed, but planting is so integral to whatis now in place. This is a large priority for Seeds a farmer does that its almost like breathing;Canada and our members. Weekly, people call you do it all the time out of necessity, but whenwith suggestions on how to improve the plat-was the last time you really thought about howform and provide ideas for other things it could important it is? accomplish as a management tool. Furthermore, when was the last time youWe are looking forward to reengaging pro-thought about the time, expertise and moneyducer groups in discussing the VUA and VUA that goes into making new and innovative seedplatform. We expect there will be interest in a varieties? demonstration of the platform and how it works. As I embark on my new journey as IP man- We are confident more growers will appreciate ager, this will be my message to growers. Havingthe value of the VUA and VUA platform as time grown up in ag, I know firsthand the importancegoes on as it is proving to be a very cost effec-of supporting new innovations.tive tool. Thats why we continue to fine-tune theI think you will continue to see varieties from Variety Use Agreement (VUA) program, forpublic and private institutions outside of Canada which we recently hit a milestone. In Septemberusing the VUA. Theyre used to systems like this 2021, we received our first official seed usefor funding innovation. declarations from farmers for seed they retainedThey key to doing that will be openness to from their 2020 crop production, where theirchange. As the Seed Regulatory Modernization 2020 crops were established with the certifiedProcess plays out, Im confident that change will seed they purchased.happen. One step at a time, as the saying goes. We also received our first payments for thesePlease email me at mreekie@seedscanada.ca with declarations on behalf of the breeders or distrib- your input. 40GERMINATION.CAJANUARY 2022'