b'PARTNER CONTENTTHINKING ABOUT GOINGANDY BULK? START HERE. HEIDEMANUSC, LLCCorporate Accounts USC DEVELOPED AND PERFECTED THE BULK SITE PROCESS.ManagerTHE STREAMLINED APPROACH PROVIDES EXPERIENCE ANDManages USCEQUIPMENT FROM START TO FINISH. Service and Sales functions. A growing seed treating operation is both exciting and overwhelming, andBULK SITEFacilitates and manages strategic often times, comes with a plethora of decisions to be made for the business.INSTALLATION:corporate programs ensuring USC products One of the most important of these decisions is determining when, and if, Once theand processes work for all.your business is ready to take seed treating to the next level - going from acompleted order Strengthens and maintains relationships stand-alone, box-to-box set-up to a full-blown, bulk or bin site operation. arrives, a USCbetween USC, corporate partners and USC has been the industrys single-source provider for seed treatinginstallation crew isend-users. equipment, automation and service throughout the companys 23-yearon-site to correctly history, and during that time has continually provided seamless experiencesinstall all USC for customers with common to complicated configurations.equipment.SCAN TO WATCH Over the years, weve learned a thing or two! Our full-service team hasBULK SITE START-UP & TRAINING:THE BULK SITEadapted the way we execute and upgrade treating sites, and has compiledOnce electrical power is successfullyCOME TO LIFE!some of our customers frequently-asked questions, along with a briefsupplied to the site, a certified USC equipment specialist arrives to overview of what to expect if youre curious about how the transition to aconduct the official start-up. Customers are responsible for arranging a bulk site works, but dont take our word for it! qualified scale technician to certify the scales and make legal for trade Ryan Hammes of Hammes Seed in Seneca, Kansas has been a loyal USCin the jurisdiction. customer since 2006 when he purchased his first LP2000 treater. SinceUSC provides a training specialist to visit the site before treating seed then, Mr. Hammes business has grown, and USC has grown right alongside!for the first time who will properly train each customer on USCs single In 2009, he went bulk and after another expansion in 2020, his operationpoint automation, educate on USCs best practices and how to take currently boasts seven seed bins with a high-capacity, LPV treater with theadvantage of all the added benefits USC products offer.loss-in-weight metering method and USCs patented Tri-Flo.SINGLE POINT AUTOMATION: USCs U-Treat automation platform We went with USC again because of the reputation and our personalis the most intuitive, user-friendly and efficient software for any-sized experience with service and support - not to mention the enhancements totreating operation. Some of the benefits include:the treating equipment over the years were significant enough to justify the USC U-Treat automation - controls bin site, treater and accessories.upgrade and expansion to the system. It was a smooth transition and the Touchscreen single control panel for entire site.software automation is simple and easy to understand and operate.Custom bin site panel configuration for each site. Ryan Hammes, Hammes Seed, Seneca, Kansas.Bin inventory and tracking system.THE USC APPROACH:Customer reporting ability with receipt printer. Run batch by seed weight or seed count units.SINGLE-SOURCE PROVIDER: A USC representative visits each site to Operate in metric or standard units.determine site-specific products.Auto calibration of bin site.LPX or LPV seed treater Bin fill conveyor(s)TS conveyor(s) Under bin conveyor(s) Q. HOW DO I KNOW WHICH TYPE OF EQUIPMENT USC U-Treat automation Truck unload conveyor(s) BEST FITS MY OPERATION?Tri-Flo continuous treatingField loader conveyor(s)Seed wheel Batch/weigh hopper(s) A. We always evaluate each business, along with the needs of their Loss-in-weight Box dump or re-bag hopper(s) customers, to create a complete and customized site based on Weigh belt Vibrating hopper(s) your business model and goals for future growth.Stainless steel pump stand(s) Miscellaneous equipmentPoly mix tank(s) Miscellaneous parts Q. CAN GOING BULK MAKE MY BUSINESS MORE EFFICIENT?CUSTOM CAD BY USC ENGINEERS: USC builds and reviewsA. Yes! Our equipment streamlines and automates the treating completed drawings, price quotes and quote clarification sheets withprocess from bins to tender, efficiently syncing equipment, storing each customer. Questions, concerns and site layout changes arerecipes and customer data, and creating/exporting reports.addressed to ensure exact requirements are met. Once approved, a final CAD rendering is produced with electrical schematics and bin siteQ. IS LOSS-IN-WEIGHT THE ONLY WAY TO METER programming. On average, customers receive equipment six to eightSEED THROUGH A SEED TREATER?weeks after final design is approved. A. No! We offer multiple metering methods including a true, continuous flow option with the weigh belt, and the tried and true seed wheel in addition to the loss-in-weight method.CALL OR CLICK TODAY USCLLC.COM785-431-7900JANUARY 2022 GERMINATION.CA 43'