b'Nutrien Ag Solutions PV 27s0005R2X 2175 HU 101% ofR to SCN, Rps1k PRRStrong disease packageProven Seed DKB0005-44 gene Narrow row fit with strong agronomicsnutrienagsolutions.caResistant to Soybean Cyst Nematodeprovenseed.ca PV 28s001R2X 2325 HU 105% ofR to SCN, Rps1c PRRStrong disease packageP001A48X gene Narrow to wide row fit with strong agronomicsResistant to SCNPV S004XF13 2400 HU 102% ofR to SCN, Rps1c PRRStrong disease packageP005A83X gene Well suited to lighter soil texturesResistant to SCNPV 24s0008R2X 2250 HU 128% ofR to SCN, Rps1c PRRStrong yield performance vs. industry-leading P0007A73X gene checks. Medium to medium-tall plant with solid agronomics. Strong disease package.PV 25s005R2X 2425 HU 107% ofRps1cPRR gene Excellent Phytophthora Field ToleranceP00537X Suitable for all row widthsWHEATVarietyDisease/Pest Company Contact Name/Type Maturity Yield Resistance HighlightsFP Genetics AAC Hockley +0.7 days Carberry 109% Carberry R to Leaf Rust Top yielding semi-dwarf CWRS with strong 877-791-1045 CWRS R to Stripe Rust straw and superior standability with an excel-fpgenetics.ca MR to Stem Rust lent disease packageMR to FHBAAC Hodge VB -1 days Carberry 117% Carberry R to Leaf Rust High yielding midge tolerant semi-dwarf CWRS CWRS MidgeR to Stripe Rust with excellent standability and a superior Tolerant R to Stem Rust disease packageMR to FHBCDC Silas +0.3 days Carberry 112% Carberry R to Leaf Rust Very high yielding semi-dwarf CWRS with CWRS MR to Stem Rust strong performance in North & Central Alberta and Saskatchewan Parkland areasSY Manness -2 days Carberry 112% Carberry R to Leaf Rust Highest yielding CWRS in 2022 and 2023 CWRS R to Stem Rust Manitoba Seed Guide. Early maturity. Idealy suited for Manitoba & Eastern SaskatchewanNutrien Ag Solutions AAC Broadacres VB 0 days to Carberry 109% Carberry R to Stem and leaf rust Extremely high yieldsProven Seed MR to Stripe Rust Very good lodging ratingnutrienagsolutions.caI to FHB Resistant to stem & leaf rustprovenseed.caSeCan AAC Rimbey VB 1 day earlier than104% of AACR to leaf, stem andGreat fit in traditional CPS growing region of 800-665-7333 Midge TolerantAAC Foray VB Foray VB stripe rust central Albertasecan.com CPSR 1/2 day later than110% of AACI to FHB Midge tolerant, refuge variety is AAC PenholdAAC Penhold Penhold Midge tolerantMARCH 2023 GERMINATION.CA 31'