b"purple tomato can offer when added into their diet. produce and distribute high quality tomatoes. That is Getting regulatory approval allows us to sell themthe challenge of every produce company, every grower, in the U.S., which was very important because manypacker and shipper of tomatoesto have operations people argue that plant biotechnology has not providedrunning that get quality produce out. I want to make it any benefits for consumers. The purple tomatoes doclear that we dont get a pass from any of those. We've offer benefits to consumersnot only for protectingnow got to succeed as a produce company delivering the their health, but the tomatoes have a longer shelf life andproduct. So thats a big focus of ours as a company now.look great, adds Martin. After unsuccessful attempts at putting GMO tomatoes Now that the purple tomato has received regulatoryon the market, such as the Flavr Savr tomato, NPS must approval in the U.S., NPS is moving towards approval inalso win over consumers in order to ensure the success various other markets across the globeparticularlyof the tomato. In an effort to do so, they identified the in Canada. The regulatory system in Canada is science- importance of engaging with customers around the new based and has made recent updates to how they reviewproduct, demonstrating how versatile the product is for crops enabled with biotechnology, explains Pumplin. any diet.Were exploring it now and will likely be active nextWe know that there are a lot of consumers who are year on the Canadian front. Whats really important for uslooking for tasty and nutritious tomatoes, and we can is to show in a market or test in a market, is this some- meet their needs with our products, continues Pumplin. thing that a lot of consumers really want? Whats great forAt the same time, we also know that most people in us is we have that path now in the U.S., he says. North America eat about three-and-a-half servings of fruit Despite the doors the regulatory approval has openedand vegetables a day when the daily recommendation for the purple tomato and Norfolk Healthy Produce, theis five. So, our hope is that our product fits into a larger journey is far from over as the company switches gearsconversation around a healthier diet and healthier eating, into production of the tomato. with more fresh fruits and vegetables.We have a GM technology that makes our tomatoWhile NPS has reached a milestone in their journey, different. But at the end of the day, its a tomato, saysthe ultimate decision of the success of the new GM purple Pumplin. Whats really important is that were able totomato lies in the hands of consumers. WORRIED ABOUTWHITE MOULD?Tell your seed dealer you needHEADS UP SEED TREATMENT.Trusted on over 10 million acresof soybeans in the U.S.Visit HeadsUpST.comTo Learn More36GERMINATION.CAMARCH 2023"