b'Incentives Driven by State InitiativesIn the U.S. policy sector, theres a lot going on in the realm of energy and the move towards climate smart poli- THE CONTINUED GROWTH BETWEEN AG cies. Things such as renewable fuel or renewable diesel areAND ENERGY, WHERE OUR SUSTAINABILITY already playing a huge role in that, says Tristan Brown, director of the Bioeconomy Development Institute at thePRACTICES OVERLAP AND WHERE THEYRE SUNY College ofEnvironmental Science and Forestry. Especially in the road freight sector, when you thinkINCENTIVIZED, WILL CONTINUE TO GROW THE about the long haul of heavy-duty applications like con- RENEWABLE LIQUID FUELS BUSINESS.struction and agriculture equipment, Brown says this is going to require liquid fuels for the foreseeable future. ItsKerry Trombleyparticularly due to new decarbonization targetslike targets laid out by low carbon fuel standards, which are being implemented by different states across the U.S.If were really going to be net zero, we have to start displacing fossil fuel consumption, which means petro-chemicals, he says. The idea behind low carbon fuel standards is toThis has really driven decarbonization of the transporta-incentivize the reductions in carbon intensity of fuelstion sector in the states that have adopted itand we that are currently used in the transportation sectoror,have a number of states that are also considering it in the the larger your reduction in carbon intensity, the greaterMidwest. This would be a great drive in the demand for incentive you get.renewable diesel.This is really different than what weve seen at theBut, as the renewable fuel is being driven by low carbon federal level with a number of the old blending taxfuel standards, carbon intensity of feedstock matters.credits or the Renewable Fuel Standard, Brown says.This can mean using low to no-till systems, Brown says. Its convenient adopting more sustainable practices at the farmer level because it will actually increase the The next level of optical sorting.incentive that renewable diesel will receive.Energy and AgriculturePowerful sorting When it comes to energy, Kerry Trombley, senior busi-ness development advisor for Marathon Petroleum, sees SORTEX H SpectaVision with MerlinAIits future tied together with agriculture. Historically, thats been the case, and as the move towards sustainability continuesespecially with the idea of renewable fuel coming to lightboth will share a future.As the U.S. shifts focus to low carbon intensity and low carbon fuels, he believes the energy sector and the seed sector will need to work together to meet their goals. How? Through renewable fuels and biodiesel. We see ag and energy becoming more intertwined, but that really got kick-started in 2005 with the passing of the Renewable Fuel Standard, Trombley says, adding that the standard kicked off a focus to help the U.S. create their own energy domestically by focusing more on volume than carbon intensity. Though that kicked the energy evolution off in 2005, theres a second energy evolution occurring right now thats being driven by policies containing low carbon fuel standards, with California leading the pack.www.canseedequip.comIt shifts the focus from just the volume requirement 800-644-8397of renewable fuels to be a carbon intensity requirement sales@canseedequip.comfor renewable fuels, Trombley says. A gallon of biodiesel under the RFS was the same whether it was created from 46GERMINATION.CAMARCH 2023'