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Focus on Opportunity and You’ll Master the Changes to Come


I was reminded of an important business lesson over the past number of months as the company I work with has unified its brand — opportunity is the invisible by-product of change. Focus on the opportunity and you’ll master the change.

Let me back up. For years our company worked under different banners, with me working specifically under DLF Pickseed. As part of a company-wide rebranding, multiple companies have unified under the DLF banner as we further cement our status as a global seed company.

Employees want to be part of something bigger when they get out of bed in the morning. They want to have a meaningful impact on customers and the world. It was key for us to ensure everyone in our company was committed to the months, years and decades ahead.

Doing that required them to be able to see the future more clearly and understand the following two key elements of our company.

DLF is built to tackle the future. It’s been in existence for well over 100 years, owned by almost 3,000 Danish farmers. For our employees, it’s exciting to be part of DLF because it is one of the only global turf and forage companies with a global R&D platform, developing new varieties for turf and forage grasses.

We are resilient. When supply chains are challenged, a company like DLF can leverage its presence around the world to ensure they get the seed they want and need. We have an incredibly strong seed grower base, which really gets you through those tough production years when supply becomes tight.

Unifying our company under the DLF name represents the increasingly functional approach to how we deal with our wholesale customers, our seed growers, our distribution customers, and finally the consumer products market. In all the arenas we work in, the top priority for customers is that you’re able to get them the product as quick as possible and at a fair price.

We are moving in a direction that helps us seize those opportunities and at the same time master the change coming at us faster than ever.

Neil Douglas
Neil Douglas
Neil has held senior commercial roles within Pioneer, BASF, Advanta Seeds and Hoechst. As a builder, his purpose is to build strength within the organization, to build endurance in the marketplace and to build ongoing relevance with customers. Neil believes endurance encompasses the actions which lead to longevity. It involves quick market change reactions, smart decisions, and pro-active pace setting — it is the work component of leadership.