41 – The number of years that Francis Glenn, president of Glenn Seed in Blenheim, Ont., has been working in the seed industry. “I received my PhD in 1974, but the people being trained like I was, is nearly zero.”

10 – The number of years that Sarah Foster, president of 20/20 Seed Labs in Nisku, Alberta, predicts that we will see a distinct generation difference, unless we are able to attract more people to the seed industry as a viable career.

3 to 5 – The number of positions that Dr. Francis Glenn estimates are available for each agriculture graduate in Canada today.

66 – The number of countries that Limagrain has offices in — with a total of 100 research facilities. The France-based international agricultural co-operative group, which specializes in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products, recently formed a partnership with Canterra Seeds in an effort to improve the yield of wheat in Canada and help farmers be more competitive.

18 – As in Bill C-18. With the passage of the Agricultural Growth Act, more international venture opportunities are now be available to Canadian companies. “By passing Bill C-18 and ratifying UPOV 91, Canada is finally on a level playing field with the rest of the international plant breeding community,” says David Hansen, president and CEO of Canterra Seeds. “For Canterra Seeds, this has thrown open the door to new opportunities that we can pass on to our customers.”

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