I had the incredible experience of attending the British Open golf championship earlier this summer. I was in the UK for business and totally lucked into going to The Open on Saturday. I saw Brandon Grace who shot a record low round that day, plus many other famous golfers. It was truly a bucket list experience!

To say that Royal Birkdale is a difficult course would be an understatement, and understanding all of the amazing nuances of this course would be absolutely futile without some considerable advice and knowledge from someone who knows the course like the back of their hand. Understanding where to hit the ball and how to retrieve the right information at the right time will allow you to focus on executing — that certainly doesn’t make it easy, but it allows you to focus on executing the swing that you want.

I often hear stories from seed industry professionals about multiple spreadsheets that require manual data entry and frustration regarding the amount of time required to process the data into useable information. I must ask: “Why should we expect ourselves to accomplish these difficult tasks without the right tools and advice?” I didn’t see Brandon out there with a wooden shaft driver; he was using all the technology available to him. Let’s be honest, that’s what anyone who wants to play at the top of their game will do.

Ever wonder what it would be like to truly “play” at the top of your game? Or what technology you are not taking advantage of that could be of benefit?

Managing your seed inventory is no simple task but knowing what you have available to sell is critical to your success. Connecting that information throughout your organization will reap benefits you haven’t even thought of.

When you decide you want to take a swing at increasing efficiency, decreasing frustration and dramatically enhancing your business, Brandon Grace won’t be able to guide you, but I sure would appreciate the opportunity to help.

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