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Hear from some of the bright lights in the seed industry. New Giant Views of the Industry video clips on topics ranging from regulations to the importance of plant breeding have now been posted. Find the video series at

“It shouldn’t be difficult for seed companies to gradually increase their prices.”—Rod Stacey of Verdant Partners on how companies can increase profitability. Hear more views at

Patrick Moore is an internationally-renowned ecologist and environmentalist who began his career as an activist and founder of Greenpeace. Today, Moore operates Greenspirit Strategies, a company aimed at finding sustainability solutions. Moore has some very interesting perspectives on sustainability, environmentalism, sensationalism and what the truth really is. View his video interview by to see his path from Greenpeace activist to pro-technology supporter.

Plant Variety Database Goes Virtual
At a recent session of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, the council agreed that a web-based version of the Plant Variety Database, currently only available in CD-ROM format, would be launched on the UPOV website this year. The council agreed that a web-based version of the database should be freely accessible to all users.

Keep up with all the seed industry events at

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