March 2019

The industry has consolidated even more. No surprise there. What is surprising is how the Big 4 ag giants are revamping their own corporate cultures in the process. We have a look at what the latest round of consolidation means. Also, we provide an update on the Prairie Grain Development Committee and assess Australia’s experience with end-point royalties. Also, don’t miss our 2019 New Varieties listings!
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January 2019

Six voices. One industry. We talk to a half dozen influential people in the forage seed sector about why they love what they do so much. Also, we look at regulatory modernization including value creation, Seed Synergy and the white paper. And don’t miss reading our feature on cucurbits breeding — better cantaloupe is coming to a grocery store near you!
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November 2018

This issue looks at a very special event — the annual meeting of the National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB), which took place in Canada this year for the first time. We catch up with young plant breeders who represent the future of plant science and the industry veterans who mentor them. Also featured: a look at the recent partnership between Maizex Seeds and La Coop fédérée, and we ask two people in the know what farmers think about this whole value creation idea.
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September 2018

The Seed Synergy Collaboration Project is proposing a Single Window service model for the Canadian seed sector. At the same time, the project is ramping up as a deadline of 2020 approaches to open up the Seeds Act and change Canada’s seed regulatory system for the better — a brief window of time, so to speak. We go inside the Seed Synergy proposals and shed more light on them as the industry awaits the coming White Paper slated for this fall. Also, we explore how high oleic soybeans are poised to take on high oleic canola, why intercropping shows big promise and how researchers can broach the subject of climate change in a constructive way.
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July 2018

We profile 20 notable figures who move the needle in our industry, from seed growers to scientists to executives and beyond. Also, we look at direct buying of seed and whether it will catch on in Canada, and why the time is now for value creation in cereals.
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March 2018

With the legalization of marijuana just months away, we look at how the future of the crop rests on seed. Also, our Retail Roundtable feature dives into disruptive innovation — what it is, what it isn’t, and how retailers might be affected. Also, we feature reactions to the Seed Synergy green paper and what it means for our next-generation regulatory system.
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January 2018

Should the seed industry rebuild itself from the ground up? We explore the new Seed Synergy green paper, which proposes to do just that. Also, this year’s giants of the industry tells us what’s on their minds, and we look extensively at how Western Canada is riding a great wave of soybean success.
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November 2017

This issue looks at the perils and the promise of working in a family business. We ask the owners of Ag-Quest how they made the succession planning process work for them, and we talk to the folks at Ellis Seeds and Stamp Seeds about the good, bad and ugly of working with immediate family. Also, we unveil the first instalment of our Retail Roundtable series. This and a lot more in our final print issue of 2017!
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September 2017

What are the keys to success in seed? Erin Armstrong, industry and regulatory affairs director for Canterra Seeds, shares three lessons she’s learned about how to make your voice heard and get noticed in an industry as dynamic as Canadian seed. In addition, we conclude our two-part series on the past, present and future of our six industry associations. Also, we highlight some important plant breeding issues including educational opportunities and how visionary people are paving the way for innovation.
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July 2017

Past and present — this issue celebrates the people and six associations that have played and still play a hugely important role in our industry. Read about the history of of CSTA, CSGA, CSAAC, CropLife Canada, CSI and the CPTA. Learn about this year’s CSGA, CSTA and CSAAC award winners. All this and more in our special Canada 150 July edition.
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March 2017

There’s perhaps no bigger topic around the world right now than Donald Trump’s presidency. We look at how the Canadian seed industry is being affected by it. Read about how researchers around the globe are investigating ways to lessen our reliance on fossil fuels using switchgrass. And while some say the heydays of Canadian forage and turf seed are gone, others say the best is yet to come. This and much more in our March edition.
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January 2017

An annual issue that is coveted by readers, our January magazine puts a spotlight on six Giants of the seed industry. Throughout the year, our editorial team sat down with each of these individuals to find out what’s top of mind. The theme this year is “Strength in Numbers,” which is a good indicator that all parties are coming together across all facets of the industry for the good of the whole. Readers will also learn about the latest efforts to mitigate canola blackleg and the increasing regulations being put on neonicotinoids. Plus Patty Townsend continues her series exploring the turf and forage seed industry. For this issue, she talks to Robert Clark, Martin Pick, Terry Ewacha and others to pinpoint the issues driving the industry today. There’s a lot of information packed in here — be sure to check it out.
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November 2016

We explore the sequencing of the wheat genome and how Canadian researchers, including Saskatchewan’s Curtis Pozniak, played a crucial role in the process. Also read about why a method of asexual seed production called apomixis could be a key to feeding the world.
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September 2016

Members of the seed industry strive for work-life balance. But can such a balance truly be achieved? We explore this question. Also, the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association is looking ahead to the federal government’s plans to legalize cannabis. Can the Canadian seed industry turn it into an opportunity?
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July 2016

Leaders and innovators take the stage in the July issue of Germination. As you read through the articles, you’ll learn about Peter Franck — this year’s Canadian Plant Breeding and Genetics Award winner. Both CSTA and CSGA recognize individuals who have shown leadership and a commitment to the industry; there might be someone you know who deserves a congratulations email or handshake next time you see him or her. On the technical side, Russel Hurst of CropLife Canada walks you through the new seed treatment criteria to become accredited in Strategy Session. Plus, there’s much more seed-related information so read on. We included something for everyone, no matter what sector of the industry you represent.
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March 2016

Just as spring breathes new life back into the environment that surrounds us, readers of the March issue of Germination will learn about early-career individuals who bring new energy and new ideas to the seed industry. Additionally, readers will have an opportunity to explore next generation plant breeding techniques and better understand how they differ. For the latest on the Canadian seed industry, this issue is a must read.
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Germination January 2016

January 2016

Giant Views of the Industry – Germination shares insights and highlights from our 2016 crop of Giants as well as looking at the future of canola development and how software tools are advancing breeding.
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Germination November 2015

November 2015

The November issue of Germination continues to showcase the changes happening within the seed industry. Here, you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the Canadian Seed Trade Association’s Crosby Devitt and the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association’s Glyn Chancey — both new execs who will be playing a pivotal role in the future of these organizations. This issue’s Strategy Session talks with industry experts about how to be ahead of the curve when it comes to industry trends and the changing crop landscape. Plus, one of our editors had the opportunity to tour BASF’s recently expanded biologicals facility in the United Kingdom, and he takes readers along with him. Be sure to check it out.
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Germination September 2015

September 2015

Just as the cover states, this issue highlights a year of change for the Canadian seed industry, from new leadership at the Canadian Seed Trade Association to new policy resulting in opportunities and partnerships. You can also check out the Evolution of Cereal Seed Treatments in our Strategy Session and take a deeper dive into the content by participating in webinar to be held Oct. 15. If you missed CSTA’s Annual Meeting in Windsor, Ont., you can get the highlights in A Year to Remember. And a feature on the status of GM alfalfa highlights the importance of coexistence planning. Furthermore, Lorne Hadley reminds seed companies to perform “ride alongs” in this issue’s Giant Views column. We hope you enjoy reading this issue.

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Germination July 2015

July 2015

What makes someone successful? Explore how one plant breeder hones his skills, finding success in a very niche market. As this issue is distributed at the Canadian Seed Trade Association’s annual convention, we recognize industry leaders for their dedication and service to the industry. Outside of people news, you’ll better understand what incorporation by reference really means and what a new variety registration process means for the future of the industry? On the international front, you’ll examine how one treaty helps to feed the world and the work being done there. But that’s not all; you’ll also discover how the seed industry is working to overcome the obstacles of moving seed internationally.

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Germination March 2015

March 2015

In this issue, you’ll get an up-to-date perspective on some of the key issues that impact your business. These include patent expiration, the value of intellectual property, tweaks to Alternative Service Delivery and the status of pollinators. You’ll also learn how one industry leader has built trust through transparency and used it to build industry consensus. On the humanitarian side, there is Plant Breeders Without Borders — a new program that’s getting legs and serves as an opportunity to volunteer. Plus, this issue features the new varieties available for the coming growing season.

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Germination January 2015

January 2015

With the start of the new year, comes change — changes to Plant Breeders’ Rights, regulatory changes and changes to seed crop inspection. You can get a bird’s eye view by reading our Giant Views of the seed industry feature on page 6, or dive into the details on pg. 36 where you’ll read about Ontario’s new regulations to curtail the use of neonicotinoid treated seeds. We also highlight new seeding technologies that could lead to yield increases and efficiencies on the farm and hone in on the issue of resistance.

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Germination November 2014

November 2014

A point of consternation, here at home and around the globe, seed treatments and pollinators take center stage. Our editorial team highlights current stewardship programs, provides talking points and explores that latest research on dust deflectors to help matters. Meanwhile CropLife Canada is implementing new seed treatment stewardship protocols and companies are asked to participate in a beta audit. Get up to speed on all the industry buzz by flipping or clicking through the pages of this issue.

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Germination september 2014

September 2014

From the future of food to space exploration, our editorial team stretches your imagination from what’s possible today to what might be a reality in 10 years. For a more here an now view, you can dig into the status of Canada’s pulse sector and explore the countryside’s changing crop mix. Also, there’s a new hybrid rye that’s said to be a “game-changer.” And if that’s not enough, a four-time Olympic gold medal winner compares her experiences as an athlete to that of the seed industry.

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Germination july 2014

July 2014

Meet the billion dollar man who is responsible for 40 to 55 per cent of all the wheat grown in Canada. His work ethic and personality are sure to intrigue you. In this issue, you’ll also find tips to help you talk about what you do and the seed industry. This issue is distributed at the Canadian Seed Trade Association’s annual meeting and recognizes outstanding individuals for their contributions to the industry and to both CSTA and CSGA. On the forage front, we provide an update on the possibility of a low-lignin alfalfa in Canada. But that’s not all, there’s plenty more.

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Germination march 2014

March 2014

This issue takes a global look at the seed industry from low-level presence (LLP) to programs in Africa. You’ll also get an outlook of what’s happening in the general agricultural sector and how that might impact the seed industry. Special to this issue is the new seed varieties directory. Our March issue has something for everyone so be sure scroll through the features.

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Germination january 2014

January 2014

Want to know what the movers and shakers inside the Canadian seed industry are thinking? Then this issue is one you’ll want to read. Be sure to check out the several pages we have dedicated to Giant Views of the industry. Plus you’ll learn tips for success with regards to Alternative Service Delivery and better understand the recommendations made to Minister Ritz about variety registration in Western Canada.

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