Metabolix Oilseeds Changes Name to Yield10 Oilseeds

Metabolix Oilseeds, Inc.’s name is changing to Yield10 Oilseeds Inc. in order to align with the rest of Yield10 Bioscience’s Canadian businesses, a July 12 news release said. Yield10 Oilseeds Inc. is a subsidiary of Yield10 Bioscience.

“By rebranding our Canadian subsidiary to Yield10 Oilseeds Inc. we are unifying our business under the Yield10 brand,” Oliver Peoples, CEO of Yield10 Bioscience, said in the release. “We are taking this step now as we are placing an emphasis within our business on grower outreach and engagement to begin ramping up Camelina acres for the production of feedstock oil targeting the biofuels market and protein meal for animal feed. As we move forward, the Yield10 Oilseeds brand will signify our commitment to innovation and excellence in oilseed crops as we bring our elite Camelina varieties to market.”

Yield10 Oilseeds was founded in 2010 and is based in Saskatoon, Sask. It has research and development labs and commercial greenhouse space at this location, the release noted. It is is primarily responsible for the development and field testing of new commercial varieties of Camelina incorporating input traits such as herbicide tolerance, performance traits such as high oil content and new seed product traits such as PHA Bioplastics.

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