Right now you might be thinking that I’m pretty confident in myself to have written a headline like the one above. Do I really believe that I, Jason MacNevin, know the secret to running a successful business?

Well, no and yes. Obviously, I don’t claim to have any special knowledge on how to be successful in business. I’m no smarter than anyone else. I’m just like you, stumbling my way through this thing called life and learning as I go.

But having been in business a long time, I’ve learned something important that I want to pass on to you — the importance of forming exclusive partnerships in helping me be successful as a business owner.

As an equipment distributor, we partner with manufacturers in order to sell the best equipment we can. We recently partnered with yet another equipment manufacturer, Oliver Manufacturing based in Colorado, to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of its gravity tables, destoners, bed dryers and sizers.

Forming exclusive partnerships is crucial these days because it helps you learn and grow as a business and gives you a competitive edge. How so?

  • It helps you find like-minded companies with the same common goal: making the customer happy. Believe it or not, not all companies put customer satisfaction as their No. 1 priority. Finding others in the industry who think the way you do can pay dividends on a number of levels.
  • You learn a lot. We’re able to talk very openly about projects together with our equipment suppliers and trade experiences and learn new things from one another. There’s no better way to learn about the world of business than to work intimately with another company.
  • You reduce your stress. Being in business comes with worries, competition being one of them. When you form an exclusive partnership, you and your partner both can rest easy knowing you’ve got each other’s backs.

My next column will focus on the benefits that forming exclusive partnership deals can have for your brand. Stay tuned!

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