Each year, the U.S.-based National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) organizes and sponsors a series of educational webinars. If you are a professional working in plant breeding, these webinars offer an opportunity to learn about new ideas, develop new skills, and stay current with the changing technology, according to the NAPB. 

For undergraduate or graduate students in plant breeding, this is a chance to broaden your current learning and applied skill level. Either way, the webinars are a great way to expand your knowledge and proficiency.

If you are not a member, take this opportunity to join and support the NAPB and these and many educational programs like it. Professional membership is $80/year, while students may join for just $35. Both are deducted from your registration fee for this summer’s annual meeting of NAPB in Davis, California, Aug. 7-10. Plan to attend. It’s a great opportunity to hear about the latest developments, meet and reconnect with fellow plant breeders, and become more involved in your science and profession. 

Membership info can be found at https://www.plantbreeding.org/.

The webinar schedule is included in the following PDF:

NAPB webinar series flyer 2017

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