In Eastern Canada, the saying is “Corn is King.” Although the migration of corn westward isn’t as brisk as in soybeans, indications still point to continued growth for corn acres. Manitoba seeded 410,000 acres of corn for grain in 2017, an increase of 18.8 per cent, and a record for grain corn seeding in the province.

For 2018, eight seed and trait companies will introduce more than 20 new corn hybrids, so get ready to do your homework. Seed selection is among the most critical decisions for corn growers anywhere.


1756VT2P/RIB (77 day/2250 CHU)
2587VT2P/RIB (85 day/2625 CHU)


DKC26-40RIB (2150 CHU)

Dow Seeds

DS79C56 (2300 CHU, 79 RM)
TMF81H46 (400 CHU, 81 RM)
DS81R65 (2400 CHU, 81 RM)
DS83T15 (2500 CHU, 83 RM)
BMR90B17 (2600 CHU, 90 RM)
BMR90B94 (2600 CHU, 90 RM)

DuPont Pioneer

Grain Corn
P7227R (2125 CHU)
P7527AM (2150 CHU)

Silage Corn (Recommended for Manitoba and Southern Alberta)
P8700AM (2600 CHU)

Elite Seeds

E44H12 R (2100 CHU)
E52V97 R (2450 CHU)
E55T37 R (2600 CHU)

Horizon Seeds

HZ 1451/HZ 1452 (2200 CHU, 74 RM)
HZ 1686 (2250 CHU, 76RM)
HZ 1840 (2350 CHU, 78 RM)

Maizex Seeds

Silage corn
MS 6902R (1950 CHU, 69 RM)
MS 7420R (2300 CHU, 74 RM)
MS 8088R (2400 CHU, 80 RM)

Pride Seeds

A4477HM (2300 CHU)

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