INSIDERS No One Has It All. Partners Unlock Opportunity

No One Has It All. Partners Unlock Opportunity


Troy Jackson
Troy Jackson
Oliver Manufacturing - Troy has years of experience at Oliver, working in all manufacturing departments with a focus in the metal shop and testing departments. His experience makes him an invaluable member of Team Oliver.

For far too long, companies thought they had to produce it all, or as much as they could in-house. But it didn’t take long for those innovative small- and medium-sized companies to recognize that model just doesn’t work, and you can’t constantly be reinventing the wheel. Today, even the multinationals recognize this as evidenced by constant announcing of new partnerships, licensing arrangements and deals.

Some might be surprised at our partnership with Westrup, a company that also focuses on seed conditioning and cleaning equipment. Yes, we both manufacture seed conditioning and cleaning equipment and taking on this line allows us to bring a more comprehensive portfolio to customers.

When we recognized that, we saw a potential partnership and not competition. At a meeting between Westrup’s CEO, and our own Brian Burney, the two leaders saw more synergies that could benefit each company than working alone.

After another meeting or two to iron out the details, Oliver became the exclusive South American Distributor of the Westrup line of equipment. Now, we’re bringing two world-class equipment lines together to meet customers’ needs when it comes to seed cleaning and conditioning.

We are able to marry the Westrup equipment with our service and support model here in North America. When we sell a Westrup piece of equipment, we are your administrative assistant and see your inquiries through to the end. We work closely with our direct contacts and have a process to ensure all parts are ordered and installed.

In fact, we at Oliver and the leaders at Westrup have been so happy with the partnership it has the opportunity to open new doors.

This just goes to show when you keep your eyes on the horizon and are open to opportunities in unexpected places. It can enhance your business portfolio, allow you to meet the needs of the broader market and accelerate your business trajectory.