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Nutrient Mobility and Fertility Reimagined


In the realm of agriculture, the terms “fertility” and “nutrient mobility” hold the keys to bountiful harvests. But what do these concepts truly signify, and how do they shape the practices of modern growers?

Our mission is to simplify the complexities of agriculture. Fertility, for us, means more than just a single application of nutrients; it’s about providing crops with the nourishment they require throughout the entire growing season. In this context, the role of nutrient mobility becomes paramount.

Nutrient mobility in soil, contrary to its mystique, is not rocket science: some nutrients form strong bonds with soil particles, literally anchored in place, while others move freely, guided by their charge and chemical affinities.

This “mobility dance” is pivotal because it directly influences nutrient availability to plants. Consider sulphate, a negatively charged nutrient (or anion); it is renowned for its exceptional mobility in soil, capable of leaching out of the root zone with surprising speed.

Enter Sul4R-Plus, a cutting-edge technology poised to revolutionize nutrient management in agriculture. By ingeniously employing an ammonium lignosulphonate binder (ALS), this pioneering company has devised a product that releases nutrients at a deliberate, controlled pace, in stark contrast to traditional ammonium sulphate. This innovative approach ensures greater nutrient availability for plant uptake, enriching the crop’s vitality.

The efficacy of Sul4R-Plus has been rigorously examined by Texas A&M University across diverse soil types. The results are astounding; the product dispenses plant-available sulphate at a precise rate, averaging between 2 to 5 pounds every 10 days, depending on the application rate. This calibrated release profile aligns with the crop demands prevalent during Western Canada’s short growing season, offering growers a tailored solution to optimize nutrient utilization.

Understanding the intricate dance of nutrient mobility in soil is pivotal for cultivating thriving crops. Products like Sul4R-Plus have emerged as game-changers, unlocking the full potential of agricultural soils.

With a commitment to simplifying complex things, Taurus stands at the forefront of this transformative movement, dedicated to nourishing crops, fostering sustainability, and ensuring a bountiful harvest for generations to come. Elevate your agricultural game; the future is nutrient mobility and fertility reimagined.

Roddy McNinch
Roddy McNinch
Roddy is the VP of Sales & Marketing and thrives on educating growers on the vital role data plays in driving sound agronomic decisions. Roddy grew up on a mixed grain operation in Mervin, Saskatchewan; worked in the research division of Bayer Crop Science (focusing on parental seed production); and spent several years advising growers as a sales representative and manager for multiple ag retailers. As a member of the Taurus team, Roddy draws on this diverse experience when educating growers and retailers on agronomic strategies designed to take crops to the next level. Growers appreciate Roddy’s ability to explain complex subjects in a clear and concise way that is relevant to their farming operations.