With a new seed treatment from Arysta LifeScience, cereal growers can depend on ease-of-use combined with unprecedented protection.

Mark Twain famously said, “There’s no such thing as a new idea.” His point was that when we come up with an idea, we borrow older concepts from those who came before us. It’s how innovation works — we improve upon older ideas or use them in new ways.

According to Kate Sanford Mitchell, Canadian marketing manager for Arysta LifeScience, it was important for Arysta LifeScience to create a seed treatment product in Rancona Trio that offers the grower a convenient, seamless experience with no hassle.

Arysta LifeScience has done the leg work to ensure growers get a really good product, she says. Despite being a new product, they can trust Rancona Trio to have the same ease of use and flowability that they got used to with Rancona Pinnacle. You’re not sacrificing anything with Rancona Trio. In fact, you’re gaining by treating your cereal seed with this new, more innovative product.

“Growers know they’re going to have an easy time getting it onto the seed. Flowability and drydown time are crucial, and this is a strength of Rancona Trio,” Sanford Mitchell says.

Rancona Trio — which uses three effective fungicides that give both contact and systemic activity for maximum protection against a broad spectrum of seed and seedling diseases in cereals — should have improved drydown time compared to Rancona Pinnacle and has a lower use rate (300 mL per 100 kg of cereal seed).

By utilizing slightly less product, it should dry faster on the seed, meaning grain won’t clump and suffer from other issues caused by a longer drydown time. That’s important to developing a next-generation seed treatment like Rancona Trio.

Like any product for which ease-of-use is a goal, packaging was also important to Arysta LifeScience. In 2018, they decided to change their bulk packaging, making it easier for growers to see the level of product left inside the container (Rancona Trio is offered in 55 and 115-litre drums).

Retailers also have the ability to stack the jugs higher, and new mixer sticks and drop tubes make it easier for growers to access the product inside the jug.

“We heard from growers that the older bulk packaging we had was harder to work with. Launching brand-new packaging was key for us,” Sanford Mitchell adds.

Brian Hergott, who farms canola, wheat and barley in Bruno, Saskatchewan, has experience with both Rancona Pinnacle and Rancona Trio. For him, it’s important to know he’s getting value for his dollar when using a seed treatment product.

“I’m always looking for a product I trust will do a better job,” he says. He notes that Rancona Trio — like Pinnacle — mixes very well in the treater and has excellent coverage.

Usability is key in designing the seed treatments of the future, adds Brian Schilling, Canadian development manager for Arysta LifeScience. “It’s important to offer growers something new and innovative while giving them something that’s familiar and simple to apply.”

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