The CSTA semi-annual meeting will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Calgary, Alta.

The Canadian Seed Trade Association will host its 2017 semi-annual meeting in Calgary, Alta., Nov. 26-28.

“Since our Annual Meeting in July, a lot of hard work has been done on important issues and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to bring you updates on that progress,” says CSTA President Dan Wright.

“As you know, we greatly value your feedback and advice and the Semi-Annual Meeting is the perfect opportunity to check-in with you to see if you agree with the direction of our policy, how we’re doing as an association, to get your ‘on the ground’ experience and to ensure that that experience is reflected in your participation at our committee meetings.”

Specific projects that you can look forward to receiving more information on at the Semi-Annual Meeting include:

  • Seed Synergy discussions;
  • CSTA participation in the Seed Association of the Americas and the International Seed Federation;
  • Women in Agriculture; and
  • Work from the Stakeholder Relations Working Group.

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