Seed of the Year is an initiative recognizing plant breeders. Through the program’s application process, breeders are encouraged to highlight their research accomplishments in developing a new variety of field crops, forages, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Applications from across Canada will be considered. Nominations will remain on file for three years and be re-nominated automatically and reviewed for consideration as a Seed of the Year finalist.

In this competition, varieties are evaluated on their performance, presence in the value chain, sustainability, marketability, innovation, end use potential, overall impact and contribution to the Canadian agri-food industry. View the judging guidelines here.

Seed of the Year was designed by the University of Guelph and SeCan with support from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Additional support has been provided by various commodity boards each year.

The program honours seed breeders for the success of their varieties in the market, and increasing the knowledge of the importance of breeding programs in Canada. Ultimately, it aims to acknowledge the contributions of these varieties on the agri-food sector.

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Western Canada:

Dallas Carpenter
Sask Wheat Communications Manager

Todd Hyra
SeCan, Western Business Manager

Eastern Canada:

Willie Vanderpol
SeCan Association
Phone: 613-697-8117

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