It is imperative that a seed business is able to track and prove the provenance of any lot of seed. Audits are done regularly to ensure that they are recording the information adequately. If the data cannot be relied on for accuracy or is out-of-date, then how can you prove you’re recording this information adequately?

Data compliance can mean many different things to many different people, but the issues caused by a lack of consistent and accurate management of data are often the same and way too common.

These problems are commonly associated with the fact that the data the business needs, from production contracting and payment calculations, inventory, availability and lot tracking, through to sales and invoicing, is distributed across a combination of different applications and spreadsheets.

It is a real struggle to get any meaningful reporting if you cannot bring together the data you need. To run a business successfully, you need to have full control of your data.

If you don’t standardize the data and processes across the business, everyone does their own thing in their own way. This means that the data is inaccurate, out-of-date and not uniform with other data in other places.

Having access to all that data is the only way to keep the business processes running smoothly. If the data is in different places, this can be disruptive, and ultimately cost you money.

The only real solution to reducing re-keyed data, having accurate and reliable data for reporting and running efficient business processes, is to invest in a centralized and integrated system.

With this system, reporting is easy, as all the data is in a single database and anyone who needs access to it would be able to do so whenever they needed it. The data would be accurate and reliable, because it is validated and uniformly defined no matter who entered it.

Business processes can be aligned properly so that different areas of the operation work together in a more effective and efficient way. The system’s database is central and backed up regularly. It is the master record keeper for all the traceability and detail regarding seed lots, and access to this is quick and easy.

An integrated system enables you to free your people from the drudgery of wrestling with data, and allow them to focus on the important and productive things that help to grow your business.

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