Less than eight months from now, Canadians will be able to legally use recreational marijuana. Germination continues to watch the marketplace for the latest in what’s happening with cannabis seed.


Legal Cannabis Seed is Moving Through Canada as Legalization Approaches

Marijuana-based businesses are preparing for legalization of recreational cannabis in July by applying to the federal government to import cannabis seed.

Doja Cannabis Co Ltd. listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the Ticker ‘DOJA’ in December 2017. The company announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary received its import permit from Health Canada for the import of one shipment of cannabis seed.

“We are pleased to have been granted an import permit by Health Canada. Our mandate has always been to differentiate ourselves, not only through our approach to the market, but also by curating a diverse cultivar offering,” said Trent Kitsch, CEO of DOJA.

“Being amongst a limited number of licensed producers to be granted and successfully navigate the import license process, we now can now further build our genetic library and create some truly unique strains and products.”

From Organic Tomatoes to Organic Pot: Two Quebec Companies are Retrofitting a Greenhouse to Grow Legal Cannabis

A Quebec-based organic tomato greenhouse is being converted into an organic marijuana growing facility.

Canopy Growth Corporation has announced a definitive joint venture agreement to form a new company, Les Serres Vert Cannabis Inc., together with Les Serres Stéphane Bertrand Inc., a large-scale tomato greenhouse operator in Mirabel, Quebec.

Bertrand currently produces tomatoes and other vegetables under 700,000 square feet of modern greenhouse, most of which was built in 2015. The entire greenhouse will be upgraded and retrofitted for cannabis production by April.

“The joint venture allows us to expand our operational footprint for greenhouse production, and establish a much larger foothold in Quebec,” said Bruce Linton, Canopy Growth CEO. “The fusion of Canopy’s cannabis expertise with the greenhouse expertise of Les Serres Stéphane Bertrand is fantastic news for our customers and investors.”

The greenhouse holds a valid Ecocert “organic” certification. Bertrand has produced organic tomatoes from the existing infrastructure and can apply their farming expertise to cannabis production in order to grow organic cannabis flowers. Vert would be the first Canopy family of brands to carry organically produced cannabis, another value-add differentiator to the industries most diverse house of brands.

Bertrand brings multi-generational knowledge of greenhouse operations and is currently the largest producer of Pink Tomatoes in North America.

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