INSIDERSA Vision for a Next-Generation Seed System

A Vision for a Next-Generation Seed System


Canada’s current seed system has many strengths, as well as areas that are ripe for improvement. That’s why Canada’s six seed-related industry associations have banded together on the Seed Synergy project and are thinking big about what a new future could look like for the seed industry.

You likely already know about the project, but may not have heard why it’s being carried out or what the benefits could be. I hope to offer a little insight, both from within my role at CANTERRA SEEDS and as president of the CSTA.

The Seed Synergy project envisions a next-generation Canadian seed system that fosters innovation and brings greater value to producers and industry. This process strives to design an industry-led and government-enabled system, which encourages choice and supports seed quality.

As Association leaders, we’ve heard from our members that today’s seed system is a patchwork of measures added to regulations over time to solve issues of the day. This can make the system, burdensome, slow to adapt, costly and unpredictable. At the same time, Canadian producers benefit from the commitment to safety that has always been inherent to the seed system. Seed Synergy looks to address these inconsistencies without losing the regulatory requirements that are critical to ensuring market access for Canadian producers.

Our six organizations are proud to be working together and to be your voice in Ottawa. Our strength is in our diversity and our responsibilities across the complete seed sector as we develop, market, produce, process, distribute and sell seed. Seed Synergy is providing opportunities for impact with Ottawa through positive conversations about what the next generation seed system for Canada could be.

All six groups are currently getting input from their respective members. It’s a tall task, but hearing from members on their experiences and how the seed system could better work for them is a priority. You’ll hear a lot more about Seed Synergy in the coming months. Stay tuned.