When Traits Come Off Patent: Practicing Good Stewardship of SGNTs

As biotech traits reach the end of their intellectual property protection (including patent protection), opportunities for the seed sector present themselves in regard to selling seeds with generic novel traits (SGNTs).

Along with these opportunities comes the need for good stewardship practises to protect the integrity and durability of products to support grower productivity and sustainability, as well as support international trade.

On this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Best practises for marketing products containing SGNTs
  • How to handle issues of export market approvals
  • Good product stewardship related to helping maintain product durability and efficacy


  • Jennifer Hubert: Plant biotechnology executive director, CropLife Canada
  • Todd Hyra: Western business manager, SeCan
  • Kim Kenward: R&D Manager, 20/20 Seed Labs


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