Online resources for the seed industry

Hear from some of the bright lights in the seed industry. New Giant Views of the Industry video clips on topics ranging from marketing to regulatory affairs have now been posted.

“We’re going to focus on the technology coming down the pipeline that’s going to affect industry and growers…”—Ron Markert of CSGA on its 2012 annual meeting in Calgary.

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SeedSeller Training TV

The publishers of the SeedSeller training journal have launched the SeedSeller Training TV Channel on YouTube. Each month they feature new episodes that are not only relevant to what is going on in today’s marketplace but also provide listeners with strategies they can use immediately to increase seed sales.

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One-Stop-Shop for Info on Wheat

CIMMYT has launched a new website called Wheat Atlas, an online portal to relevant, accessible information on wheat production, markets and research, particularly in the developing world. The information is geographically organized, and can be visualized using interactive maps and charts. Wheat Atlas is under ongoing development to create a comprehensive one-stop-shop for wheat scientists, policy makers, business leaders, and anyone interested in wheat.

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