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Hear from some of the bright lights in the seed industry. New Giant Views of the Industry video clips on topics ranging from patent expiration to seed selling tactics have now been posted.

“There’s an opportunity to work as retailers for these private investments in cereals because it’s a different set of logistics than the distribution of canola seed…”—Dale Adolphe of the Canadian Seeds Growers Association on the impact of hybrid wheat



Go Corn

Ontario’s 2011 Hybrid Corn Performance Trials are now available online. With yield data and production information from across the province, these trials are a valuable tool for seed growers and companies to use when helping farmers select seed for the upcoming season. Published by the Ontario Corn Committee, the report is available in an easy‐to‐download version that can be printed at home or viewed online in a spreadsheet format.



Revamped UPOV Website Offers More Features

The International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants has launched a new website. Some of the features of the redesigned website include:
• Freely accessible database of plant varieties (PLUTO), formerly only available in the form of a CD-ROM on subscription
• Multimedia presentation on UPOV
• Video on the use of plant variety protection by gentian farmers in the Ashiro region of Japan


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