Kurtis Baute shows off his life-size "jar" in which he's living.

B.C. resident Kurtis Baute — son of Maizex Seeds’ Dave Baute — sealed himself in a life-size “jar” this week to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change. Baute, a YouTuber and self-described “whimsical scientist,” spent as much time as he could stand in the sealed environment filled with plants to demonstrate what is happening to people on Earth as a result of climate change. He entered the jar at midnight on Wednesday and emerged 14 hours later after CO2 levels rose to dangerous levels.

“The messed-up thing about my experiment is that some of my abort values (eg. If CO2 is too high I escape) are just everyday experiences for many people on this planet,” he wrote on Twitter. “Everyone deserves clean air, but not everyone has it.”

Follow his “jar” experiment on Twitter by following the hashtag #KurtisInAJar.

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