XiteBio Technologies introduces PulseRhizo, a liquid inoculant for pea, lentil & faba bean, to the Canadian and U.S. markets for the 2016 season. XiteBio PulseRhizo officially replaces the previously registered XiteBio PeasRhizo and expands on an enhanced label. PulseRhizo features the following enhancements:

  • product use expanded to include faba bean
  • on-seed compatibility with most popular seed treatments extended to 48 hours
  • application methods expanded to include in-furrow as well as on-seed treatment

“XiteBio PulseRhizo is the result of collaborative efforts with growers and retailers to deliver on our commitment to enhancing our product lines”, says Manas Banerjee, president & CEO of XiteBio Technologies.

“By continually communicating with the end users, we’re able to adapt to a changing marketplace to improve agriculture production” says Bob Reekie, business & product manager at XiteBio. Reekie further adds “lengthening the on-seed window to 48 hours with chemical seed treatments and the additional in-furrow application just opens up new opportunities for the pulse crops in the Prairies. We hope it is going to be an embracing technology for the pulses”.

The company also recently announced the addition of two new sales representatives.

XiteBio adds Shawn Rowson and Ryan Ortman as agricultural sales representatives for Western Canada.

Rowson will be covering Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan, based out of Winnipeg. Ortman will be the representative for Saskatchewan and Alberta, based out of Saskatoon. Both come to XiteBio from previous roles in the agriculture industry that include FCL, Viterra, Patterson Grains, Farm Business Consultants, etc.

“Ryan’s energy, interpersonal skills, and background make him a strong addition to XiteBio’s sales team,” says Manas Banerjee, CEO. He adds “Shawn’s enthusiasm, perseverance, and experience make him a valuable resource for our distribution and retail customers.”

Both will be working closely with the rest of the XiteBio team for a smooth transition into their new roles.

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